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Area Rug Cleaning Palm Desert

It is known that area rugs are usually purchased for their value as much if not more than their aesthetics and original design, so we’re here to help. Indeed, they represent a significant investment in artwork. Often, these investments tend to see growth in price over time, becoming priceless possessions. We use the best professional cleaners to ensure that your investment stays safe in our hands and doesn’t get damaged by water. Only properly trained professionals should be handling these magnificent, but expensive investments. 

The Dangers of Not Cleaning an Area Rug Properly

If you are not careful when cleaning your area rug, it can easily become ruined or even destroyed. The following are some of the most common dangers associated with improperly cleaning an area rug:

* Water damage from spills or flooding. If you have a leaky faucet, then you may notice that your area rug is wet. This could be due to a small spill on the floor or a larger flood. In either case, this type of water damage will ruin your area rug.

* Dirt and dust buildup. When dirt and dust build up on your area rug, it becomes difficult to clean. Over time, this can cause the fibers to wear out and eventually break down.

* Mold growth. Mold grows quickly in moist areas like carpets, especially if there is a lot of moisture present. It also thrives in dark areas where light cannot reach.

* Molds produce spores which are very tiny particles that float through the air. These spores are invisible to the naked eye. They are extremely hard to remove once they’ve settled into the carpet’s fibers.

* Mold can grow anywhere, including inside your home. However, mold tends to thrive in damp conditions such as those found in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, attics, crawl spaces, and other places where there is excess moisture.

* Mold produces toxins called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are harmful chemicals that can cause health problems ranging from mild headaches to severe respiratory issues.

* Mold can lead to allergies and asthma attacks. Some people who suffer from allergies or asthma are sensitive to molds. As a result, they experience symptoms whenever they come in contact with them.

* Mold causes serious illnesses such as pneumonia, sinus infections, skin rashes, and brain inflammation.

* Mold can cause structural damage to your house. For instance, mold can weaken the foundation of your home. It can also enter cracks in walls and ceilings, causing them to crumble.

* Lastly, mold can make your home uninhabitable. It can cause odors that are unpleasant and unhealthy and can also create dangerous levels of allergens.

To avoid all of the dangerous byproducts of of improperly cleaned area rugs, you need to consult with a professional like Speedy Palm Desert Water Damage Restoration. We have been providing residents and business owners in the Southern California area with cost-efficient and quality area rug cleaning services for more than a decade now. Call us today to get a FREE estimate or to schedule a visit.