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Clean Bad Odors From Your House with Thermal Fogging

If you have problems with bad odor in your house, it might be caused by sewage, leftover cigarette smoke, or even cleaning up after a flood. Whatever the cause, there is a perfect solution: thermal foggers. These lovely little machines has different types that use different methods to get rid of odor, but the most common and safe type, uses oil based chemicals. They are generally preferred by many restorers and cleaners because of the inherent safety. The only risk it poses is the risk of spilling that oil to the furniture or the floors, which could be unsightly.

But that’s not a concern if used properly. Once it heats up properly, you’re not going to have to be worried about any spillage because it’s going to be a cloud and it’s going to go everywhere. The process is normally called called a thermal fog and say it’s a process where you can only use thermal chemical that gets blown as fog. And what it does is it gets into the walls, gets into the floors, it gets into pretty much everything, and it kills the smell.

But thermal fogging is not something you can do as a DIY activity. You cannot let the fog get to your lungs. Like most forms of smoke, it can be harmful to the lungs. That’s why you need professionals like Speedy Palm Desert Water Damage Restoration to do the thermal fogging for you.

How Does a Thermal Fogger Work

There are three major types of thermal foggers, propane, fuel, and electric. But regardless of the type, they mostly function the same: they use heat to vaporize the fogging solution. The resulting cloud of fog is very dense and can penetrate even hard to reach areas of your house. Most homeowners know them as great ways to get rid of mosquito infestations, but for our purposes, they are also ideal solutions to bad odor in your house.

For the specific functionality, thermal foggers rely on a storage tank that can hold a certain amount of the fogging liquid. Some foggers have this container at the bottom, but some foggers also have it within the body of the machine. This container is attached to a pump that sends the fogging solution through the heat assembly located in front of the fogger. This pump is controlled by a fogging trigger that is usually found under the handle of the tool.

When the fogging trigger is pressed, the pump sends the fogging solution through a coil that is heated at high temperatures, this vaporizes the solution and the resulting vapor is sprayed through the nozzle in the form of a thick fog. This fog is very thick and will either be white or gray in color. It is very visible so you’ll know the places it is reaching.

Uses of a Thermal Fogger

As mentioned earlier, a thermal fogger can be used to control an insect infestation, as insecticide can be used as a fogging solution. But it can also be used to disinfect places and get rid of bad smell, which is particularly important if your house has been damaged by a flood or a heavy rain. Just make sure you get the help of a professional instead of buying and using any random thermal fogging machine. You have to take extra care if you have pets and kids in the house.