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What to Do After Flooding in Your Home

Are you living in a house that is prone to flooding or water leakage? Then you may be wondering what to do after flooding has occurred. If your home is still standing, then the first thing you should do is call an emergency restoration service like Speedy Palm Desert Water Damage Restoration and get them to come out as soon as possible. This will ensure that any damage caused by the flood can be repaired quickly and efficiently. Once this is done, it’s time for you to start cleaning up the mess. In order to do so, you need to follow these steps:

1) Remove all of the furniture from the flooded area. You don’t want anything getting wet if there are any more floods coming. Removing them also means you can start looking at how damaged they are, and the kind of repairs they need if ever.

2) Clean everything with soap and water. Make sure that you use a good quality cleaner because even though the water might have been clean before it got into your home, once it gets inside your walls and floorboards, it could cause mold growth.

3) Use a dry mop to remove excess moisture. The best way to do this is to put down newspaper on the floor and then place the mop over it.

4) Check the electrical outlets and make sure that they aren’t wet. Wet electrical outlets are extremely dangerous because they can electrocute people who touch them. They can also short out and cause fires on their own.

5) Turn off the power supply to the affected areas. This includes electricity, gas, and water. This will help you avoid short circuits, explosions, and further flooding.

6) Call a professional cleaning company like Speedy Palm Desert Water Damage Restoration to help you restore your home back to normal.

7) Don’t forget about your pets! They can also suffer from water damage and it’s important to take care of their needs too.

If you live in a home where there was no flooding but only water damage left, then you should probably just let the professionals handle the cleanup. A professional can do the job better simply because they know how to deal with water damage properly. They also use industry standard best practices and equipment, as well as chemicals that are safe for humans and animals alike. Contact Speedy Palm Desert Water Damage now to get a FREE estimate.